Trace the history of the samurai in Kyoto from the Age of War to their turbulent last days in the Bakumatsu Era. Fans of the Rurouni Kenshin movies or anime may recognize some of our stops and themes, as this popular franchise was set in the Bakumatsu and early Meiji periods. We begin with a tour of the Nijo Castle, where Oda Nobutada fought his last battle and later a palace of the Tokugawa Shoguns. The beautiful gardens of this site hide a sinister secret — this castle was built not to protect the Emperor, but to keep him inside Kyoto.

After enjoying Nijo Castle’s gardens and testing its nightingale floors, we’ll test your samurai courage with a lunch of fire ramen: not spicy noodles, but a bowl that’s literally on fire. We then walk to the former headquarters and training ground of the Shinsengumi, the elite samurai police squad created to fight the radical reformists in the name of the Shogun. We end the tour with a samurai sword fighting lesson and Zen meditation under a sword master.

No. Pax USD
Availability November 14-December 9,2018 1-4 203.00/198.00
Maximum 10 persons 5-6 196.00/195.00
Duration ~8 hours* 7-8 195.00
Starts from Kyoto Station 9-10 194.00
Inclusions guide, all transport, lunch, admission fees, sword lesson
Accessibility Mostly level
Temperature Expect 8-18 C, possibly colder