I’ll meet up with you early morning to take you to Tofukuji, considered the best temple in South Kyoto for autumn colors, before the tourist crush begins. We then explore some secret temples a little further away. Later in the morning, Cathy will bring your family to Toji Temple, which has Japan’s tallest pagoda and a lovely pond garden, and is a World Heritage Site. Try to book this tour for the 21st of the month, as there’s a huge flea market in Toji where your family may find some nice bargains. We’ll meet up with your family in Toji, and have lunch together in Kyoto Station.

In the afternoon we all proceed together to Fushimi Inari Taisha, which you can explore with your family or come with me to photograph the out-of-the-way paths and sub-shrines. We rendezvouz again with your family at the entrance gate, from where we take you back to Kyoto Station. Fushimi Inari Taisha is also lit up at night, so if you wish to do a night shoot here we can extend the tour for a small additional fee. In this case, Cathy will bring your family back to Kyoto Station from where they can return to your hotel, and we will follow after we’re done.

No. Pax USD/pax
Availability November 14-December 9,2018 1-2 136.00/116.00
Maximum 10 persons 3-4 110.00/106.00
Duration ~8 hours 5-6 105.00/103.00
Starts from Kyoto Station 7-8 102.00
Inclusions 2 guides, all transport, lunch, admission fees 9-10 101.00
Accessibility Expect stairs, sloping paths and extensive walking
Temperature Expect 8-17 C