Is photography your passion? It’s ours too. And we know what it’s like to be a photographer traveling through a target-rich environment like Japan with non-photographer friends or family along. These Photographer + Family tour packages allow you to reconcile your special interests with your companions’ and still have lots of quality time together.

Every day of your tour, one of us, usually me, Dariel, will take the photographers in your party on a guided Photowalk, usually early in the morning. Cathy will take your family on a casual, family-friendly route a little later, and we’ll all meet up for lunch at a designated rendezvouz. You then get to spend the rest of the day with your family as we take you around some more family-friendly attractions. Some tours give you the option to do an evening shoot, in which case you can add on for dinner and additional attractions like a temple evening illumination.

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