Autumn Photo Tours 2018

Autumn is absolutely our favorite time to be in Kyoto. The weather is nice and cool, the colors are spectacular, and best of all for us shutterbugs, the light’s good practically all day! Capture a hand-picked selection of Kyoto’s most colorful and photogenic spots in our Autumn Photo Tours. We give you a mix of both the bucket-list sites like Kinkakuji and off-the-beaten-path locations, chosen for their beauty in autumn, along with instruction and tips for getting better pictures as needed. All tours are fully private, just you and your companions.

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Autumn Special 5-Day Photo Tour

Escape the crowds in this special photography tour focusing on Kyoto’s remote mountain temples and Lake Biwa. We begin with the mountain trails of Takao for a real off-the-beaten-path treat, a secluded river valley lined with gorgeous maple trees, with a visit to a waterfall. (Bring your tripods!) After our hike, we relax our muscles … Continue reading Autumn Special 5-Day Photo Tour

Autumn Classic 5-Day Photo Tour

We begin with a tour of northwestern Kyoto’s lesser-known yet old and beautiful temples, and finish the day with sunset at the world-famous Kinkakuji. The Golden Pavilion closes before sunset most of the year, but in autumn and winter, sunset falls before closing time. On Day 2, we hit the mountain trails of Takao for … Continue reading Autumn Classic 5-Day Photo Tour

Photographer + Family Tours

Is photography your passion? It’s ours too. And we know what it’s like to be a photographer traveling through a target-rich environment like Japan with non-photographer friends or family along. These Photographer + Family tour packages allow you to reconcile your special interests with your companions’ and still have lots of quality time together. Every … Continue reading Photographer + Family Tours