Shiga Focus Tours Autumn 2018

Join us in exploring the mountains and lakeshore of Kyoto’s scenic neighbor, the prefecture of Shiga. We’ll visit the fortress-temples of Japan’s medieval warrior-monks, see one of Japan’s best-preserved old castles, admire the views of tranquil Lake Biwa from a floating pavilion, and visit an onsen hot spring far from the crowd.

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Classic Views of Omi

The beautiful landscapes around Lake Biwa have always been a favorite theme for ukiyoe artists like Hiroshige. Join us on a railway trip to enjoy these classic views — we’ll be visiting a temple floating on the lake, a long Chinese-style bridge with the “Mount Fuji of Shiga,” Mount Mikami, in the background, and a … Continue reading Classic Views of Omi

by Yoshio Kohara

Castles and Canals of Omi

Join us for a trip to Hikone Castle, one of Japan’s last twelve original-structure castles and its elegant Genkyuen Gardens. After touring the castle, gardens and museum with its collection of samurai arms and armor, we’ll have an Omi Beef lunch along the Yume Kyobashi Castle Road. We’ll also visit the Venice of Lake Biwa, … Continue reading Castles and Canals of Omi

by 663highland

Temples of the Warrior Monks

Join us for a trip into Kyoto’s past as we visit the mountain fortress-temples of the fierce sohei, medieval Japan’s warrior monks. We take a scenic cablecar ride up a mountain to Enryakuji, a World Heritage Site, then take a cablecar down the other side of the mountain for an epic view of Lake Biwa … Continue reading Temples of the Warrior Monks