Arashiyama Byways

Escape the crowds in Arashiyama, Kyoto’s second most popular district after Gion, in this classified tour! We’ll take you to two secret temples at the foot of Mount Atago, one haunting and one enchantingly whimsical, and with far less tourists. We’ll show you a hidden bamboo grove where you won’t have to fight the crowds for a picture!

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We’ll then have lunch along the Saga Toriimoto preserved street, then walk toward the Tenryuji Bamboo Grove, stopping along the way at a secret moss temple with a tragic romance behind its name, another secret temple known for its autumn colors, then the Nonomiya Shrine before coming out at the grove. There are many nice craft shops along the way.

You can view the sunset at Togetsukyo Bridge before heading back to Kyoto Station, with a stop for picture-taking in the Kimono Forest. Recommended for nature lovers, families, and photographers!

No. Pax USD/pax
Availability November 14-December 9,2018 1-2 125.00
Maximum 10 persons 3-4 114.00
Duration ~8 hours 5-6 107.00
Starts from Kyoto Station 7-8 100.00
Inclusions facilitator, all transport, lunch, admission fees 9-10 94.00
Accessibility Expect stairs, hilly terrain
Temperature Expect 5-15 C, possibly colder

Add USD 20.00 to turn this into a photography tour

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