Kyoto Focus Tours Autumn 2018

Come with us to explore secret temples and shrines, feel the serenity of wind blowing through the autumn leaves, or enjoy a day filled with uniquely Japanese activities like a private tea ceremony, cooking your own izakaya food, and learning ikebana in the place where it was born.

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Higashiyama Byways

Join us for a relaxing walk through Kyoto’s quiet Sakyo ward, starting with the understated elegance of Ginkakuji. We then stroll down the Philosopher’s Path to the sprawling Zen temple complex of Nanzenji and one of its little-visited subtemples, after which we have a nice tempura lunch. The walk resumes with a visit to our … Continue reading Higashiyama Byways

Autumn Gems I

Join us for the Holy Grail of momijigari, autumn color hunting at a secret temple in a far corner of Kyoto. Stroll through the maple-lined gardens, take selfies at a bamboo grove like the one in Arashiyama but with far less photobombers, and climb with us to a hidden shrine with a great view of … Continue reading Autumn Gems I

Autumn Gems II

Join us for an early morning visit to the best temple for autumn leaves in South Kyoto, and take in the breathtaking view. After, we’ll escape the crowds to a couple of secret temples not far away, near which we’ll have our lunch. We spend the afternoon amid the vermilion torii of Fushimi Inari Taisha, … Continue reading Autumn Gems II

Gion Enchanted Evening

Do you love sunsets and the magic of night lights? Join us for an afternoon to evening walk through the enchanting Gion geisha district! We’ll catch the sunset from across the Pontocho, stroll past the period teahouses along the Gion-Shirakawa and Hanamikoji lanes in kimono, and after an early dinner, we’ll take in a magical … Continue reading Gion Enchanted Evening

Kyoto Epic Autumn

Have an epic experience of autumn with this tour of secret temples ending in a soak at a classic onsen hot spring bath! We begin with the Holy Grail of momijigari, autumn color hunting, then make our way to an even more secret temple. After lunch we head to the mountain village of Kibune to … Continue reading Kyoto Epic Autumn

Arashiyama Byways

Escape the crowds in Arashiyama, Kyoto’s second most popular district after Gion, in this classified tour! We’ll take you to two secret temples at the foot of Mount Atago, one haunting and one enchantingly whimsical, and with far less tourists. We’ll show you a hidden bamboo grove where you won’t have to fight the crowds … Continue reading Arashiyama Byways

Takao Mountain Hike

Do you love walking in the mountains? Join us for an easy hike in Takao, a mountain village north of Kyoto famous for its autumn splendor. We begin by visiting two off-the-tourist-track temples, then have lunch in Takao. We then hike along the Kiyotaki River Trail to Kuuya no Taki, a secluded waterfall where you … Continue reading Takao Mountain Hike

kyoto national museum

Great Art of Kyoto

Do you love Japanese art? Our Great Art of Kyoto tour takes you to see some of Kyoto’s best examples of traditional painting, sculpture and ceramics! We begin with a visit to the Sanjusangendo to see its impressive architecture (longest wooden building in Japan) and 1,000 Kannnon statues, admire the painted screens by Hasegawa Tohaku, … Continue reading Great Art of Kyoto

Kyoto Ikebana Experience

Try your hands at ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, under a Japanese master! We begin by taking you for inspiration to the temple where ikebana was born and the headquarters of its founding school. We then proceed to our ikebana workshop venue, stopping along the way for coffee and snacks at a nice … Continue reading Kyoto Ikebana Experience

Sweet Sweet Kyoto!

Are you templed-out, love coffee and chocolates, or have a sweet tooth? This foodie tour is for you! We begin with a stroll through the Kyoto Botanical Gardens, followed by  brunch (we recommend the pasta) then pastries at some of Kyoto’s favorite cafes in ritzy Kitayama. We then explore the Imperial Palace grounds, followed by … Continue reading Sweet Sweet Kyoto!

Kyoto Culinary Tour

This hands-on tour for foodies begins with an exploration of the Takashimaya depachika, a Disneyland for lovers of fine food. Enjoy the free samples here, but don’t get stuffed yet! We break for coffee tasting at one of Kyoto’s best rated cafes and sources of coffee beans, before moving on to Nishiki Market for yet … Continue reading Kyoto Culinary Tour