Autumn Focus Tours 2018

Focus Tours take you beyond the usual tourist track, giving you the chance to explore some lovely but out of the way attractions and get a meatier bite of Japanese culture with a variety of interesting and creative activities. Visit historical castles with intact original structures, have a full private tea ceremony in kimono, or stay in an onsen ryokan. Focus Tours are available in one-day modules, choose as many as you like and string them together to create a custom experience of Japan.

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Kyoto Focus Tours Autumn 2018

Come with us to explore secret temples and shrines, feel the serenity of wind blowing through the autumn leaves, or enjoy a day filled with uniquely Japanese activities like a private tea ceremony, cooking your own izakaya food, and learning ikebana in the place where it was born. Please scroll down for the list of … Continue reading Kyoto Focus Tours Autumn 2018

by Nankou Oronain

Shiga Focus Tours Autumn 2018

Join us in exploring the mountains and lakeshore of Kyoto’s scenic neighbor, the prefecture of Shiga. We’ll visit the fortress-temples of Japan’s medieval warrior-monks, see one of Japan’s best-preserved old castles, admire the views of tranquil Lake Biwa from a floating pavilion, and visit an onsen hot spring far from the crowd. Please scroll down … Continue reading Shiga Focus Tours Autumn 2018

Ancient Nara in Autumn

Make friends with wild deer in Japan’s first permanent capital city, ancient and tranquil Nara! We begin by exploring the stone lantern-studded forests around Kasuga Taisha, pray for love and a happy marriage at Meoto Shrine, and come with us to the beautiful inner sanctuary. This is also where you’re most likely to spot a … Continue reading Ancient Nara in Autumn

Himeji-Kobe Tour

Take the super-fast bullet train to Himeji to see two of Japan’s favorite filming locations, Himeji Castle and Mount Shosha. Among other movies, The Last Samurai had several scenes shot in these spots, and they’re beautiful in autumn, specially Mount Shosha, which we access via cablecar. From Himeji we move to Kobe, where we explore … Continue reading Himeji-Kobe Tour

Osaka, Japan’s Kitchen Tour

Treat your tastebuds and tummy to the best foodie destination in Japan, Osaka! In a tour that’s all about food and cooking, you’ll sample signature Japanese street foods like grilled scallop, takoyaki, yakiniku and the addictive strawberry daifuku in Dotonbori and Kuromon Market, have the best gyoza in Osaka for lunch, check out the extravagant … Continue reading Osaka, Japan’s Kitchen Tour