Vermilion Autumn Kyoto Tour

Get the chance to dress up in a kimono and ride a rickshaw; be photographed professionally by us as you ride and stroll around the old district of Kyoto! Make your own ramen; have your fill at an eat-all-you-can dinner; join an ikebana class. Taste delicious Japanese sweets. Visit two of the most sought-after momiji-viewing sites in Kyoto, plus a selection of other beautiful temples, shrines and the Imperial Palace. See the sunset with a view overlooking the city. Join the locals in a picnic by the riverside and be amazed at the wild side of Kyoto. Enjoy and delight in the magnificent autumn colors all around the city. On this tour, you will have a chance to be one with the Kyotoites even for just a day or two.

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No. Pax USD/pax
Availability November 14-December 9,2018* 1-2 620.00
Maximum 10 persons 3-4  539.00
Duration 3 days / 8 to 9 hours per day 5-6 508.00
Starts from Kyoto Station 7-8  477.00
Inclusions 2 World Heritage temples + 4 other  temples, 2 shrines, palace, market, park, riverside, old district, all transport, all admission fees, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks, kimono photo walk and rickshaw ride, cooking class, art class, facilitator  9-10  465.00
Accessibility Expect stairs, sloping paths and extensive walking
Temperature Expect 8-17 C

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*Last booking is for December 7-9.