Our four Discovery 3-DAY Tour Packages are largely meant for the first-timers in Kyoto and Nara (not to say that second-timers can’t join in the fun!). Don’t like the headache of dealing with your busy schedule and planning your trip and wondering where to go and what to do as a first-time visitor to these two top-of-the-list autumn places? Don’t fret–we’ve got you covered. There’s so much to see and do, so you have to maximize your precious time, budget, and experience–and what an experience it will be!

At the top of your list with our autumn tours should be seeing Kyoto and Nara at their autumn best (even at near-peak, they’re still spectacular!) so if you’re a nature-lover, then you will be blissed-out here. Secondly, Kyoto is also known as the City of Ten Thousand Shrines (ok, they’re exaggerating–there are only, only(!) 1,600 temples and shrines) so you will definitely not hit them all in one visit (or maybe even in one lifetime), but they are its biggest attraction, so you have to see them. Thirdly, there are things to see and do other than temples and temple-visit respectively, so not to worry.

Our Discovery tours are designed to give you a great mix of sights to see and things to do: World Heritage sites, other beautiful temples and shrines, palaces, gardens, parks, a market, great mountain landscapes, traditional period places; a kimono pictorial walk, deer-feeding, hiking, onsen baths, ikebana, and lots of food-tripping activities, from making Japanese food to tasting Japanese sweets to eat-all-you-can dinner treats!

We hope to see you on one of our tours!

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