Japan Tours

Winter Food Fiesta Tour!


Feast your eyes and palate on the best of Western Japan! Winter is the season for many of Japan’s signature seafoods, so we’ll be trying Grilled Oysters at Miyajima, Snow Crabs in Osaka, and Sushi and Sashimi in winter-fat fresh fish. And of course we can’t pass Kobe without sampling its epic Kobe Beef! Warm up your insides with Udon at Takamatsu, Japan’s Kingdom of Udon, and compare the two great rival Okonomiyaki styles of Japan at their origins in Osaka and Hiroshima.

Settle your tummies between feasts by exploring Western Japan’s sights, some of them still clothed in crimson autumn leaves: Hiroshima Castle and the haunting Peace Park, the floating shrine island of Miyajima, the Castle of the Black Crow at Okayama, awesome Himeji Castle where Shogun and The Last Samurai were filmed, and the magical Kobe Luminarie, Kobe’s winter festival of lights.

Full details are listed below:


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