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Sakura Shootout 2018 Photo Tour


Join us in photographing Japan’s most iconic yearly event, Cherry Blossom Season! The tour is patterned after one of the great Japanese cultural traditions, Hanami — the springtime custom of going out to view the cherry blossoms. Kyoto and Nara, specially Mount Yoshino, are famous for their large cherry groves, elegantly placed in parks, temples, along riverbanks, and on mountainsides.

We will also be visiting a lakeside castle, one of only four castles designated National Treasures in Japan, and one of only twelve with their original structures intact. There will also be a canal cruise beneath a tunnel of cherry blossoms and weeping willows, followed by sake tasting (optional) in a quaint historically preserved suburb of Kyoto.

In addition to exploring and photographing these sights, we will give you a taste of Hanami in true Japanese style, with a picnic party at a selected outdoor location. The tour is designed mainly as a walking tour, and some climbing is involved specially on Mount Yoshino.

Inclusions and details are listed below:


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