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Here’s a Throwback Thursday post … reminiscing on our first-ever photo walk in Japan, at the Sensoji Temple complex in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Built in 645 AD to commemorate the discovery of a Kannon statue by two fishermen in the Sumida River, the temple is now one of Tokyo’s most recognizable landmarks. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in and around the temple: there are gardens, pagodas, a huge bronze brazier where Japanese Buddhists congregate to bathe themselves in purifying incense smoke, and a bustling market street, the Nakamise-dori, selling a huge variety of food, arts, and crafts.

I plan to spend more time at the Nakamise-dori the next time I come here, hopefully with enough spare budget to buy some ukiyo-e prints. There are at least a couple of ukiyo-e shops here that looked very interesting.

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